Basic Services, Institutions and Infrastructure

Protective Services

  • Police Force
  • Barangay Tanods
  • Reservists
  • Functional Peace & Order Council
  • Fire Equipment

Economic Services

Commerce and Industry

  • Catigbian Public Market- 3rd Best Pamilihan in Region 7 for 2006
  • Livestock Auction Center- the biggest in the Province of Bohol and recognized as one of the biggest in Region 7
  • Municipal Abattoir/Slaughterhouse
  • Catigbian Waterworks System
  • One Town One Product (OTOP) Display Center

Financial Institutions

  • First Consolidated Bank
  • Mantacida Coop Savings Bank
  • Bagtic Coop Savings Bank

Infrastructure Services


  • 3 Cellular Sites (SMART, GLOBE & SUN CELLULAR)
  • Philippine Postal Office
  • Landline Phones (Mayor’s Office, Bohol Northwestern Colleges & Bagtic Masagana Multi-Purpose Cooperative)


  • Catigbian Training Center
  • Municipal Conference Hall
  • Catigbian Business Activity Center
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court/Multi-Purpose Court (sports& other activities)
  • Catigbian District Hospital
  • Municipal Health Center w/ Lying-in