About GREAT Catigbian

The new local tourism dubbed as “G.R.E.A.T CATIGBIAN” which means “Green Recreational Eco-Adventure Tour” at our “Catigbian D.A.T.E Park which stands for “Dagook Adventure Tour Experience”


CATIGBIAN is one of the five cluster municipalities of the Abatan River. The formal convergence took place when these five LGUs signed Memorandum of Understanding in 2005 reinforced thru an executive order no 19 issued by then Governor, Erico B. Aumentado mandating the creation of Abatan River Development Management Council (ARDMC) chaired by our own Municipal Mayor Capt. Roberto L.Salinas, PN(Ret). He spearheaded the workshop of the mega project of the five member municipalities of Abatan namely Cortes, Maribojoc, Antequera , Balilihan and Catigbian. It also comprises representatives from Dept. of Tourism, Dept. of Trade and Industry, congressman representative of the first district of Bohol, GTZ, and the Participatory Research Organization of Communities and Education towards Struggle for Self-Reliance (PROCESS)-Bohol Inc.”

In 2008, the Abatan River Development Management Council (ARDMC) formulated and adopted the Abatan River Master Plan which highlights community life tour as its ecotourism development strategy to sustainably manage the Abatan River. These initiatives are bounded by the common theme environment protection and conservation.

On March 2008,  the Catigbian Performance Team headed by Capt Roberto L. Salinas PN (Ret) together with CESO eco-tourism consultant from Canada conducted a reconnaissance survey on the vicinity of  Sampilangon River which is one of the tributaries of Abatan River located at Poblacion and Poblacion Weste. The team appreciated the beauty of the river rapids and the cascading waterfalls formerly called Mag-aso Falls. It’s roaring sounds convinced the group to change the name of the falls to “ DAGOOK FALLS”.

The flagship project under the Abatan Cluster  is the Development of the Dagook Falls in Poblacion Weste which is called The Abatan Upstream Eco Tour. The municipal officials decided to develop the area into an eco tourism park.

The LGU acquired five (5) parcels of land which totaled to 203,000 sq.m.

The Abatan River Life Tour was launched on 2010, it has been developed to promote the sustainable management of the Abatan River and at the same time encourage community participation and the involvement of Dagook Farmers Neighborhood Ass. (DAFANAS)  in the conservation, preservation and management of the environment and protection of cultural heritage


The basic component facilities jumpstart the whole project includes the following;

1.)      Purchase of Land amounting to P 614,000.00 funded from the LGU

2.)      Land development , P 200,000 from LGU 20 % IRA

3.)      The Construction of Access Road amounting to P 200,000.00 funded from the Department of Agriculture

4.)      Construction and establishment of  Pavilion finance by the Philippine Tourism Authority worth P 800T







5.)      Toilet and Landscape   650T FROM Dept of Tourism


Aside from the breathtaking scenes of our river and the unique cultural presentations that showcase  our cultural heritage. The Catigbian Performance Team headed by our dynamic Municipal Mayor  believes that an additional  outdoor adventure should be incorporated in the tour package to introduce   young people to be sensitive in our  environment which develops understanding appreciation, awe, wonder and respect to our nature.

To compliment with the plan the following facilities were constructed;

1.)      The construction of adventure course facilities  (canopy walk, monkey bridge and mountain slide) 5.5 M funded thru financing.

2.)      Construction of cottages – P 1M  funded from the ( seal of good housekeeping cash award from the DILG)

3.)      Construction of Business Center – P 500 t ( CDF of Sen. Miguel Zubiri)

4.)      Preparation of Terminal Area    and  site devt.

(  funded from the 20% IRA)


DATE Park is nestled in a 204,500 square meters parcel land with mountainous and rolling terrain.  It is located within the Barangays of Poblacion, Poblacion Weste and Rizal Catigbian, Bohol and is 1.5 km from the highway which can be reached by all types of vehicles. The park has the facilities, trained guides and high end equipment to offer. The equipment (cables, harnesses, ropes…) are of the highest-standard and tensile strength to ensure your safety. Every possible precaution is upheld in guiding you through one or all of the adventures.

The facility is not for the faint at heart, but for those who are ready to meet a different kind of challenge. In fact, you get to do things that are normally reserved for those on Fear Factor.

Most of the activities are designed for specific desired tests-of-courage to do the entire course. These challenges are actually ideal for building courage and an individual basis to experience the thrill of a lifetime as a true jungle adventurer. This is a one shot adventure course or a 4 n 1 outdoor experience, from Canopy Walk, Monkey Bridge, Trekking and descent through our Mountain Slide. If you miss one of this you will not experience the rewards of the challenge. It’s  a low element exercise  that can be used for preparing the guests for the high element exercises like the famous extreme adventure of Danao.


The first  course that you will encounter  in the adventure.You will be thrilled  walking on a 60 mtrs.swaying footbridge.

The canopy walk  is designed to teach you to recognize the vast wealth of vegetation  and tree species in Dagook Falls  which benefit the  lives of Catigbianons in  countless ways.


The second course of the adventure…

Another type of Bridge that will thrill you …. The cables are provided enough length for anchoring and the stringers are made of  high tention cables attached to each reinforced concrete abbutment with enough “deadman’ (an anchorages structurally designed  with a certain depth and reinforcement buried in the ground) or traditionally called  “banting”).

The size of the deadman depends on the computed loadings.
To enable to cross the river over the mountain chasm of Dagook Falls, you have to walk through one suspended cable with a length of 40 mtrs. Guests are in double harness to a safety cable overhead, the first moment you step on the cable are terrifying, the bridge swifts with your  movement and you will be distracted with the view below. Take time to stop and savor the gift of nature.. the cascading dagook falls.


A 200 meter cable slide mounted on an incline. It consists of a pulley suspended on a cable. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to traverse from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, made of stainless steel, by holding  on or attaching to the freely moving pulley. While riding the slide you can view water rapids of abatan river.

An adventure that reveals exactly who we are, demanding the most of your physical, psychological and even spiritual lives .Savor the rewards that only come from experiencing nature  of G.R.E.A.T  CATIGBIAN.