Mayor’s Message

Greetings with peace and joy!

The installation of this website in our local government unit enhances our effort of providing better service and worldwide access to our dear constituents by giving and updating you the necessary information regarding our municipality. It also encourages us to continue our best practices and good governance being emulated by other LGUs in the country.

It is an undeniable fact that the Lord Jesus Christ has blessed and catapulted Catigbian in awesome ways. Proofs of these are tangible and concrete manifestations of the town’s accomplishments, developments and progress which redound to the general welfare of our constituents.
As such, let’s give time to reflect our past and work hard to achieve our present goal and vision to have a God-centered, self-reliant, progressive, healthy environment-friendly community with better quality of life sustained by genuine people’s participation and competent, dedicated leaders ensuring socio-economic and agro-industrial development thru and efficient and effective delivery of basic services guided by our Lord Almighty.

The fight of putting the quality of government is high esteem and cannot be won by our leaders alone. It must be fought by the Filipino citizenry whether a government worker or a private citizen. As public servants, we don’t need to boast much of what we can do to our people, but rather preach what we did instead and let our people speak for our actions.

We, therefore, have to hold steadfast and revere hand in hand on Him, our Almighty, In our entire endeavor for a God-centered, work-oriented, peaceful, responsive, and prosperous municipality.

Municipal Mayor